The UTC Curriculum gives you the best start to a wide range of Science, Engineering and Technology careers whilst still offering a broad and balanced experience.

Students will:

Study a core curriculum of:

  • English language

  • English Literature

  • Mathematics

  • Science – (Biology/Chemistry/Physics)

  • Citizenship, sports and a wide range of enrichment activities

A specialist curriculum in:

  • Engineering design /manufacturing

  • Challenge Projects

Personalise the curriculum by studying:

  • Computer Science

  • Design & Technology

  • Electronics

  • Geography

  • Psychology

Build knowledge and understanding through:

  • Contributing to a series of industry-led ‘challenge projects* in project teams

  • Visiting partner organisations to gain first hand experience of STEM in the modern world

  • Partnering with STEM faculties at the University of Southampton

  • Working with mentors from industry and education

Develop life skills, independence and knowledge through:

  • Building a record of academic and professional growth through the Employability and Skills Passport and Duke of York Awards. Leading and taking part in enrichment activities

  • Taking part in RE, PSHE, Citizenship and sports activities

  • Receiving the very best in careers education

Challenge Projects

One of the main differences between a UTC and secondary schools is the involvement of our employer partners and the University of Southampton.

In Y10 and Y11 you’ll work on a series of practical projects based on real world challenges set by businesses or university researchers.

Experts from our partners will brief you on the challenge telling you what they want you to do, why it matters and what the constraints are. You will use ideas, knowledge and skills from across different subjects.

These challenge projects are designed to ensure that you are picking up the skills and knowledge to get your qualifications but doing these in the context of a real world problem.

Individuals count

What’s really special about the UTC is how we’ll help to develop you as an individual. Your personal tutor will help you build your employability skills, choose enrichment activities, develop your understanding of issues like ethics, healthy living and citizenship and agree personal targets for your progress.

Monitoring progress

In supporting our students on their journey to the best grades, our teachers will continuously monitor each student’s progress. Progress grades will be assessed and shared with students and parents six times a year in termly reports.

Students’ individual programme of study will be amended on the basis of these reports and additional support provided where necessary.

As well as achieving the full range of GCSEs and A Levels, students will be able to work with leading employers from the region to develop and nurture specialist engineering and creative thinking skills.