Vision, Values and Ethos

South Wiltshire UTC is an inspiring and professional learning environment that gives young people the technical skills, depth of understanding and personal aptitude and qualities they need for successful careers.  

Vision for learning

South Wiltshire UTC creates a learning environment where young people can develop the professional skills, competencies and behaviours that will serve them throughout their working life, whilst still focusing on the core business of attainment, progress and outcomes. We are aiming to best position our students for future progression into: apprenticeships, employment, further and higher education.

The curriculum reflects the need to consider national attainment and progress targets, whilst providing both a broad based and specialist experience. Learning is supported and contextualised by our employer partners. Students have access to a wide range of learning experiences, working with teachers, fellow students and professionals. They make links between different learning disciplines and take an integrated approach to applying their learning to employer led challenges, alongside developing core employability skills.