Students sailing

Students from Salisbury's UTC took to the water recently and spent a day with the Royal Navy cadet team.

sailing 4-1.jpg

Eleanor Adamson, Rory Blakey-Flavell, Katie Hopper and Will Kaye, who are all Year 10 students, left Salisbury early to travel to Whale Island where HMS Bristol is based, to meet their skippers and have a safety briefing.

Once they were fitted with their lifejackets they took to the water and sailed, under the guidance of their skipper, to the Isle of Wight.

“As we left the harbour there was plenty to look at as we passed the
new air craft carrier the Queen Elizabeth, Spinnaker tower and many
large ships,” said student, Katie Hopper. “With only a gentle wind we
needed some help from the engine at times to beat the tide and make
our goal of reaching Sea View on the Isle of Wight in time for lunch.”

Soon it was time to return to the mainland, with the students taking charge again, and with a little more wind they made good time on the way back.

“It was a really enjoyable day and the students did really well in
learning and executing new skills. It also highlighted some of the
opportunities available to those who wish to join the CCF,” said
Principal of the UTC, Joe Mulligan
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