Renewable energy visit

GCSE geography students from the South Wiltshire University Technical
College (UTC) went on a field trip this week to learn about renewable
electricity generation.

The trip was a joint venture between the UTC and Salisbury Community
Energy (SCE). The students visited the weir at Standlynch Mill on the
Longford Estate, south of Salisbury, to learn about clean, green
renewable electricity generation, using the force of water.

The students will take what they have learnt back to the classroom and
design and build their own hydro gadget to power a mobile phone.

“This is a very exciting project for our Year 10 students,” said
geography teacher, Ewan Scott. “It links what they are learning in the
classroom with real practical situations. They also got some fresh
perspectives around the design process.”

The students spent the morning at Standlynch Mill studying the
possibility of a hydro-electric scheme alongside various experts.

David Dunford, Chair of SCE, says it’s vital to invest in local young
people and give them the skills and knowledge to pursue a career in
renewable energy technology.

“We urgently need this expertise to be able to move away from fossil
fuel use and towards a future of clean, green renewable energy.”

UTC student, James Sharpe said: “The visit really brings to life the
technical problem of placing a turbine into a river. I'm surprised at
the power of the river and that will have to affect my design."

It’s hoped this introduction to hydro power will inspire the students
to study sustainable energy at university.

“We are delighted to support the UTC with their project. The estate is
fortunate to own a myriad of waterways in the Avon Valley therefore
exploration into this alternative green energy initiative with SCE is
extremely worthwhile and we welcome such interest in sustainable,
carbon neutral methods of energy creation,” said Alasdair
Jones-Perrott, Estate Manager, Longford Estate.

SCE will be launching its first community share offer this spring and
has been grant funded to carry out feasibility studies into renewable
energy installations, solar pv and hydropower sites, in the Salisbury

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