Imperial College for Carlos

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Sixth form student, Carlos, has secured an offer from world-class university, Imperial College London, to study Masters of Engineering, starting in October.

Carlos said: “Studying at Imperial College London has always been my goal. It is one of the best universities in the world, and when I came to the UK from Spain to study, I came with the intention of getting into one of the best universities.”

“It will be a four-year course, specialising in molecular engineering. I also received an offer from University of Cambridge and University College London, but the attraction to Imperial College was that the course was far more specialist in the area that I enjoy. I prefer the biological, organic side of engineering rather than the mechanical and electrical side. At Imperial College, I will be able to go straight into my specialist area.”

“My offer is conditional and I will need to achieve my predicted grades in mathematics, chemistry and either biology or physics.”

“After university, who knows? – I will be keeping my options open but at this moment in time, the idea is to explore research.”

We wish Carlos the best of luck in his exams and his bright future at university and beyond.

Web editor