UTC graduate interview: Grace Brown

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What got you in engineering?

I started engineering as I really enjoy maths but prefer to be using my hands to being in a classroom.

Why did you choose to study at the UTC?

I chose to study at the UTC as it gave me the chance to study subjects that I couldn’t anywhere else locally. The UTC showed me the opportunities that are available to those not just interested in academic topics.

How did being at the UTC help (exposure to companies, work experience, interview skills, project work etc)?

South Wiltshire UTC ran a CCF unit which was connected with the Royal Navy. This CCF unit took us on trips to some Navy bases. After several visits I could see that the life of a Navy Sailor was one I could see myself living.

Why Royal Navy?

The Royal Navy gives me the opportunity to be paid to travel the world but still train to get qualifications and experiences I wouldn't get anywhere else.

Life as a RN apprentice.

After 10 weeks initial basic and professional training at HMS Raleigh I started my Phase 2 training at HMS Sultan for 21 weeks. I start this course in the classroom learning the basics of the aircraft. I’m in the classroom from 8.00 - 16.30 each day, with exams almost an exam a week the course is very high pace. Later in the course I will start to work on old helicopters. Once my course is completed I will be heading to a squadron to do my on the job training.

Future Career/training plans

Hopefully, my on the job training will be at RNAS Culdrose where I will work on the Merlin MK2. I’m aspiring to spend my whole career in the RN and am optimistic that I will end a long career after being well travelled.

Would you recommend the UTC and why?

UTCs offer a great chance to study subjects that other colleges don’t. They are also good at showing people different opportunities for the future and new subject choices they might not have considered.

Would you recommend the Royal Navy and why?

I would definitely recommend the RN to those who are unsure of their future plans. The Royal Navy has a job that will suit all types of people and will support everyone through every part of training to get qualifications that are transferable to civilian jobs. It gives young people a chance to explore the world and experience so much more than they would as a civilian and get paid to do it.

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