September 2019 Application

For Year 10 applicants, this form must be completed by a parent/carer.  Please read the Admissions Policy before proceeding.

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Student Name
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Parent or carer's home address if different to student's
Parent or carer's home address if different to student's
In which local authority area do you pay Council tax? *
How did you first hear of South Wiltshire UTC? *
Has the student received free school meals at any point since 2012? (Please note we may ask for evidence at a later date if this is used as an over-subscription criterion). *
Does the student have any siblings already attending Salisbury's UTC? *
Does the student have a parent currently working at the UTC? *
Is the student currently looked after by a local authority, or foster parents acting on behalf of a local authority, or has the student ever been looked after in this way during their secondary school career? *
If yes we will need to contact you for more information.
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I have read the 2017 UTC Admissions Policy and agree to abide by its terms. I understand that the information I have provided will be stored by the UTC and may be shared with other agencies as part of the admissions process, including but not limited to local councils and Government Departments. I understand that by submitting this application I am confirming that all the information it contains is current and correct to the best of my knowledge
Year 12/13 applicants only
Year 12/13 applicants only